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Facts You Need To Know About A Wedding Sand Ceremony

It is already common for most people to be seeing people that are having a Unity Candle Ceremony in terms of a wedding. It is when this ceremony is being done that the mothers of the bride and the groom will be the one that will be lighting the side stained candles which also basically represent the families of the both sides. It is this one that is being done when they are being escorted in the ceremony. After this one, it is the couple at will then take the side candles and will go ahead and light a much larger candle when basically will symbolize their lives joining as one.

This can be great when there is a candle around but what can you do when you will not be able to find one or the wedding ceremony is held outdoor wherein lighting a candle might be hard considering the factor if the wind. And that is why instead of using candles, there are more and more couples these days that are opting to have a sand ceremony. It is this one that has the same concept as the prior but it is this one that is considered to the one that is being done more often nowadays.

It is when a sand ceremony is chosen by the couple that it will all start when the mothers will be escorted in and they will be the ones that will be carrying a bottle of unity sand for weddings each with different colors. Like the candles, it is the sands that will also represent their families. During the whole ceremony, it is now the couples that will be getting the sand that will be placed in a table. After this one that you will be pouring the different sand bottles into the third bottle this representing the togetherness that they will have. It is when this is also done that they will be doing it alternately so that the third bottle will have two different colors of sand combined. It is when the two colored sans are combined that it will be hard to separate them anymore. It is this one that will symbolize the bond that they will have after the marriage. It is now these sand such as from that they can use as a keepsake inside their home to help them remember that special moment.

You have to see it though that when you will be opting for a sand ceremony that it is always a must to keep the sand dry sand that is moist or damp will tend to clump up together and will be very hard to get out from the bottle that they have.

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